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The Automatic Door Closers are one of the solutions that are most adapting to private homes and modern office buildings since they combine comfort, design, and quality. A wide variety of door closer systems that satisfy a wide range of functional requirements and solutions for all types of doors be they wood, aluminum, steel or glass, and of course, for fire-resistant doors.

The Automatic Door Closers can be hidden in the frame, and the floor or surface mounted, being four different types. They include the regular arm, mounted on the frame, the sliding track arm, and the parallel arm.

The surface-mounted ones have small boxes joined at the upper corner of the door, and the articulated arms extend from the upper level of this box, towards the frame where it is screwed.
There are more residential and public enclosures that use a door closer or a hydraulic arm.

Either to keep a door closed or to take care of the air conditioning of an enclosure, these useful devices also prevent a door from slamming and causing damage to the frame or wall. Still, the most important thing is that it keeps the door closed, granting Multiple benefits in different places such as home, offices, factories, control rooms, airports, schools, or hospitals.

Advantage Of Automatic Door Closers:

They manage to avoid slamming doors, in addition to having a mechanism that increases energy savings by decreasing leaks or currents, so they are useful in air-conditioned areas.
Another of the significant advantages of the Automatic Door Closers is security. Since they prevent the access of people outside the buildings, due to the automatic mechanisms that prevent opening from the outside.

The main uses of door closers or hydraulic arms are:

1. Security: By keeping the door closed, controls the access of people, especially if the door has automatic locking. It also ensures that when a child leaves or when someone goes from office, the access door is closed automatically.

2. Temperature Control: By ensuring the closing of the door closer, maintains the temperature of the enclosure either the heat in winter or the cold in summer, significantly reducing the energy consumption of the heater or air conditioning. It also prevents odors and smoke that leave the kitchen from spreading to the rest of the building, for example, in the case of a restaurant.

3. Emergencies or Fires: Automatic Door Closer can prevent smoke or fire from expanding in a building. In addition, an emergency door must remain closed for security reasons.

4. Noise Isolation: The Automatic Door Closers prevents noise from spreading from rooms where machinery works, music rooms, or events.

5. Convenience: Some models have an HO -hold open function that allows you to set the door open, a useful feature when you have to enter or remove furniture or ventilate an enclosure. There are models with sensors that regulate the closing speed or stop it if they detect that someone is passing through the door. There are also models with built-in camera avoiding double wiring to that control point.

6. Privacy: Closed doors prevent the view from outside, such as in an office or bathroom, for example.

• The Automatic Door Closers uses electric power, so it is usually more expensive. It comes with remote control for the device and a security alarm.
• It is less common since it needs more energy to function. The manual door closer system works on air pressure and stored energy.
• It uses the energy storage that has been generated each time the door is pushed, which will also be used to close the door.
• It controls the closing speed since it incorporates a spring mechanism or electric shock absorber.

Things To Be Consider Before Choosing Automatic Door Closers:

1. The Closing Speed: It is the speed of the door when turning around an axis, being adjustable in all models; it is maintained between 180º and 5º.
2. Cushioning Of The Opening: It regulates the force with which you must open the door, it is adjustable in some models.
3. Retention Angle: Depending on the type of model, the retention angle is adjustable between 70º and 150º for models with articulated arm and between 80º and 120º for spring models with a sliding guide.
4. Closing Delay: Once opened, the spring will take a few seconds to activate the closing process; being adjustable, it can keep the door open for up to 30 seconds, giving the user the necessary time to go through the door.

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