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electric strike locks

If you bought an Electric Strike Locks, but you don’t know how to install it, don’t worry; Here few simple procedure for you how to install an electronic lock.
Now, you must know that the electric strike Lock serve an electronic device that allows their operation; and this must be maintained in perfect condition so that it can work correctly.

On the other hand, there are also various types of locks, depending on the type of door. Therefore, it is not the same to use a lock for a gate as for a door; and even the electric lock for a fence may differ slightly from the previous ones. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing the type of lock, so you know how to install an electric lock and do not get so complicated.

Features Of The Electric Strike Locks

Now, as mentioned earlier, you should choose the Electric Strike Locks that suit you. You must keep in mind the type of door to which you will install the said lock. You should also take into account even the kind of door material to choose the correct lock.

It would help if you kept in mind that the characteristics between locks may vary, so you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

By taking into account the features and indications of the manufacturer’s manual, you will see that it will be easier for you to know how to install an electric strike Locks. For this reason, the guide we will give you this time will be very generic; In this way, you can complement with what you already know and with the instructions in the manual.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the entire procedure. This is the only way you can learn better about how to install an electric lock. So, in addition to the lock, along with all its implements, you will also need some tools and materials that will be useful for installation.

Therefore, Consider The Following Implements:

Pliers, adhesive tape, screwdrivers of different sizes, screws, in this case, the screws should be the same size as those that come in the box. In this case, although they will not be necessary, they will be instrumental in case some of you get lost.

How To Install An Electric Strike Locks?

The first thing you will do is mark a reference point on both the frame and the door; this will usually be 90 centimeters from the ground. At this point, you must weld; this point will serve as the basis for installing the lock. You should consider this option of welding directly to the door or the fence where you will install this type of lock. You also have the option of using screws to secure it.

As already mentioned, the Electric Strike Locks will have an instruction manual; You can also include a template. You must use it to guide you and thus assemble the pieces in the right place. This template will serve you throughout the process of installing the lock correctly. You will have to remove the outer plastic cover from the lock.

The manufacturer mostly provides the cables to offer a product that is of high quality and will not produce any short circuit. However, it would be good if you have additional cable in case of an unforeseen event.

Then start to mount inside the lock, that is, by the cover you have removed, the cable system that comes directly from the transformer. You must also disassemble the electrical connector. The electrical system must function properly; now you have to arm the cable connection to the screws that are arranged in the electrical connector.

It is also necessary that you open and close the door so that you can verify that it is working correctly. With the purpose that you trust that the lock will be of great help for the security of your home. This way, you will know how to install an Electric Strike Locks

Advantages Of Using Electric Strike Locks:

Although you do not believe it, there are many benefits that the use of this type of locks brings to the property; for this reason, It will mention them so you can decide if you want to have one of these locks on the exterior door of your property.


  • They can work with electricity, batteries, or alternating energy sources.
  • The use of keys is not necessary.
  • They can be installed in the doors of rooms or the main entrance of your home.
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