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magnetic door locks

In today’s building materials market, as in any other, novelties are commonplace, and it isn’t effortless to surprise a customer with them. After all, progress does not stand still and constantly presents us with various surprises. It will discuss one of these innovations in namely, Magnetic Door Locks for interior doors.

The door of many nations and at all times was considered a mysterious and magical subject. Therefore, it is associated with a lot of beliefs and will. In Russia, leaving the house, they would undoubtedly close all the doors to preserve the comfort, warmth, and safety of the hearth. Which, in general, is paramount for each of us.

The design has changed continuously, becoming more practical, functional, and convenient. The rapid development of manufacturing technologies and raw materials allow today to produce products that satisfy the very high requirements and whims of customers.

Often people do not understand that it is the doors that can change the interior so much that it will simply not be recognizable, in a good way, of course. Organically inscribed doors strictly emphasize all elements of the interior, giving it new shades, touches, and even forms.

But the main advantage is functionality and practicality, as they work for you more often than others, and should not interfere with leading you to nervousness and irritation. They should have excellent heat and noise insulation properties and not occupy much free space.

Why Are Magnetic Door Locks Popular?

To date, Magnetic Door Locks are especially popular. They are based on the property of a magnet. Due to which metal parts are attracted to each other and held in this position. The mechanism itself is effortless; it includes the magnet itself, a metal plate, which is located in the leaf, and the lock itself.

The favorable properties of these products are noiselessness, automatic closure, and durability since the magnet does not wear out to the same extent as a spring, for example. When installing electromagnetic locks – this is reliability and security.

Of course, it’s not a fact that such locks are not known at all- someone may have been using them for some time. But, in any case, not everyone is familiar with such an innovation. To acquaint such people with him is the main task of this article.

What are these Magnetic Door Locks? What is their advantage, and why are they so popular among those who have already become familiar with such an innovation?

According to its principle, this is a relatively simple and convenient locking device. Its operation is determined by the interaction of the mortise part of the lock and the reciprocal device mounted on the door frame. By the way, such a magnetic door lock works exceptionally smoothly and almost silently, which earned an extremely positive reputation among those who had the pleasure of using such a device.

This, by the way, is far from all the advantages of a Magnetic Door Locks. It is also worth noting the reliability and durability of such a design. When the door is closed, the tongue in the actuation position, due to the force of attraction, enters a special receiving hole, where it is securely fixed.

Such a system significantly saves the working resource of the tongue. In addition, such locks do not irritate the clang inherent in the standard mechanism when triggered, which, of course, is a great advantage. Also, silent locks for interior doors do not have bulging elements, and, therefore, are not striking when looking at the box.

With their price category, Magnetic Door Locks for interior doors, of course, differ from the standard design, but this difference is not so significant. But, acquiring such a lock, you will protect yourself from annoying clicks that cannot be avoided when using a conventional lock. At the same time, you also provide yourself with a comfortable and durable locking device.

And, in the end, I would like to say a little about installing a magnetic lock. Installation of such a device must be carried out with extreme caution – the smallest skew leads to malfunctions. Therefore, without specific skills in this matter and the necessary tool in stock, you should not try to install it yourself.

Remodeling will be much more difficult, and, accordingly, more expensive. Based on this circumstance, the best solution would initially entrust the installation of a magnetic lock to specialists in this matter.

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