Locksmiths in San AntonioA residential locksmith is someone whose number you should have on your speed dial. Most locksmiths can resolve a lockout situation and create new keys, but a residential locksmith does much more than that.

A residential locksmith offers urgent rekeying services, checks your home for signs of forced entry, works with the latest lock technologies and installs modern home security systems.

Residential locksmiths perform tests and appraisals to check that your home security system is working. They also help you out in a time of distress when you get locked out of your own home, when your house keys are lost or damaged.

We discuss more about the job of a residential locksmith, why you need them and how they can help you with various lock and key systems and home security issues.

First, let’s understand what a residential locksmith does. When you call a residential locksmith after getting locked out of your house, he arrives at your location in the shortest time possible, resolves the lockout and helps you get in.

Then, if you have lost your keys or they have been damaged beyond repair, the locksmith proceeds to take the lock cylinder apart and decodes the pins inside. He then makes use of this information to replace the damaged or lost key with a new one. He can make as many copies of the old keys as needed.

The residential locksmith also upgrades your locks or replaces them, whenever required. All locks wear out after a point off time and need to be replaced. They can wear out because of finish fading due to exposure to heat and sun, the lock cylinder getting damaged due to heavy use or the latch or the bolt breaking off eventually because of overuse.

This happens to all locks and they have to be repaired or replaced at some point. The residential locksmith performs this task for you. He makes sure that the locks are not compromised in any way and knows all about the latest lock designs.

When you’ve just built a house or moved to new home, you will require the services of a residential locksmith to install the new locks and the related hardware. The locksmith makes sure that the security of your new home is not compromised in any way. He installs deadbolts and the latest and most sophisticated home security systems.

The residential locksmith performs security audits and checks the security of a home. He investigates the vulnerabilities in the home security and offers suggestions to prevent a forced break-in or home invasion. For example, the locksmith installs security strike plates with large three inch screws to reinforce the door jamb to offer protection against home invasions. All residential locksmith services are performed by a mobile locksmith that will come to your location.

Residential locksmiths install cabinet door locks, so that chemicals and cleaning solutions, or for that matter, alcohol, can be safely locked away, out of the reach of small children or teenagers. They install safes so that jewelry, cash and other precious items can be stored safely and securely. Also, if you have lost the combination to a safe, your friendly residential locksmith is the person you should call, to help open the safe.

These are just some of the things a residential locksmith does. San Antonio Locksmith has been providing high quality residential locksmith services in the San Antonio area since 2011. Call us at (210) 960-8946 to know more.

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