How Does The Keyless Entry Lock Work?


Keyless Entry

Automatic door opening, remote locking, and unlocking, entry and exit log, or even alarm system in the event of intrusion are all possibilities offered by keyless locks.

What Is A Keyless Entry Lock?

Instead of a usual lock, it is now possible to install a new type of lock. Called “Keyless Locks,” it is, in fact, a connected (or smart) lock. Configurable, it is most often controlled using a smartphone. The appearance of these connected locks on the market is recent. We already knew the doors that open using a magnetic card, since their use has become more prevalent in hotels, but now this system can be combined with a home automation system.

These locks can work in different ways. Thus, there are on the current market connected locks that open using a smart bracelet, a connected watch, and, most of the time, via a dedicated application on the smartphone.

Depending on the model, the communication protocols may also differ. The best known are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The first allows you to unlock the lock by approaching the smartphone while the second allows remote control. Clearly, these new generation locks are destined to facilitate the daily life of its users. If you are the head-in-the-air type and that forgetting your keys is part of your daily lot, then this solution should interest you!

Different Models Of Keyless Entry Locks, Easy To Install:

These locks also have the advantage of being installed quite easily. Unsophisticated DIY enthusiasts can, therefore, resort to this type of equipment. Presented as a kit, the keyless lock is available with many accessories. Which therefore differ, depending on the model and brand.

Thus, it is possible to opt for a model which, in addition to allowing the door to be opened without a key, reinforces its security. Today, there are more and more models, but it is vital to know their characteristics.

  1. Okidokeys: Bioterrorism start-up markets this Bluetooth connected lock. It allows more security because it will enable the monitoring of all inputs and outputs. Convenient if you have children and want to ensure their return after school, for example. Likewise, it is compatible with the multi-point locks required by many insurance policies.


  1. The Kevo Lock:From Kwikset also works thanks to the Bluetooth protocol. Aesthetically, it looks like an ordinary lock, except for the fact that it features an LED light circle. Coupled with a dedicated application compatible with iOS and Android, it can be opened by simple contact with the user. However, it does not offer an alarm system.


  1. The Schlage Sense Lock: Offers this kind of service. This connected lock allows you to use the Siri voice assistant on the iPhone, which then becomes real sesame! Bluetooth compatible too, it can also be programmed with around thirty different codes. This is no doubt why some specialized sites present it as one of the safest current models. A locksmith can install and repair a keyless lock.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Connected Locks:

  • As these keyless locks are relatively recent on the market and, therefore, still not very popular among individuals, it is challenging to take a step back on their possible risks. No manufacturer mentions the risks of piracy, which are, after all, common to all connected devices that are already part of our daily lives.
  • Moreover, it is a fact of having an armored door that can make the difference in terms of security, more than the lock as such. In any case, a keyless lock has advantages that our traditional locks do not have.
  • Who says connected lock says more need of a key. We must, therefore, have stolen your smartphone and find your password so that the lock can open. A computerized lock is, by definition, impossible to pick.
  • It is possible to grant or deny access to the house remotely, depending on the model. It is an undeniable asset when you own a rental property that is not necessarily nearby. Thanks to the Keyless Entry and exit log, you can also follow the comings and goings from its application.
  • Some models offer alarm systems that go off and warn you in the event of an intrusion.




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