After A Break That Pays For Repairs: Owners Or Tenant?


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In the event of a burglary, it is not uncommon for the number of repairs to the door to be higher than the value of the goods stolen. Is it up to the tenant to pay for the costs of repairing or replacing a fractured entry door?


During the duration of his lease, the tenant is responsible for the degradation occurring in the accommodation he occupies. However, the law relating to rental reports indicates that the tenant is obliged: to answer for deterioration and losses which occur during the duration of the contract in the premises of which he has exclusive enjoyment.


If you can prove that you are not responsible for the damage, it must be taken care of by your owner or his insurance. In all cases, it is recommended to contact your insurer, who will tell you what to do.

Does My Home Insurance Cover The Cost Of Repairing My Doors?

Generally, multi-risk housing contracts cover the costs of locksmiths or door replacement in the event of an attempted break-in or actual break-in. On the other hand, the costs generated by the use of a false key, or vandalism on the locks, are less often covered. This is why it is useful to check the extent of the guarantees of the home insurance contract.

For this type of reimbursement, insurance companies often establish a deductible: it is therefore always preferable to obtain an agreement from your insurance before initiating repairs. If possible, have a temporary repair done to your door so that you have time to draw up several quotes.

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How Does It Work: Reimbursement Of Locksmith And Door Frame Costs? 

if your insurance covers the costs of changing or repairing your door, a precise procedure should be followed to be able to claim compensation. After making a complaint to the police or the gendarmerie within 24 hours, you must:

  • Take photos of break-in marks.
  • Contact a Residential Locksmith or your insurance assistance for Burglary Damage Repair;
  • Declare the theft to your insurer within two working days, then send him the following elements: original of the report and receipt of the declaration of forced entry; photos and invoice of the Residential locksmith with the words paid and identical replacement following break-in;
  • Finally, it is recommended to keep damaged locks as they can be claimed in the event of an appraisal.

Who Should Pay The Damage To The Property In This Case? The Tenant Or The Lessor? 

Burglars have entered your home: the front door is broken, and the floors are scratched. Who should pay for the Burglary Damage Repair?

Who Pays For The Damage After A Burglary?

When you return from vacation, the shock: your apartment has been robbed. Valuables have disappeared, and damage has been done.

Burglary: The Owner Is Responsible For Damages:

As a general rule, the lessor or the owner is obliged to repair this damage.

Indeed, between the lessor and the tenant is worth the following rule. According to the legal provisions prescribed by the Code of Obligations. The lessor is bound to deliver the thing in an “appropriate state” for the use for which it has been rented and to maintain it in this condition.

As A Tenant, Do You Also Have Some Responsibility:

But the owner does not bear the costs in all cases. In fact, as a tenant, you have, in return, the obligation to use the thing with the necessary care. This means that you must pay the damages if you cannot prove that you are not responsible for a burglary or that you have taken all possible precautions to prevent the damage committed.

Lack Of Precaution: The Tenant Pays The Damage Caused By The Burglary:

You could be held responsible if you did not close the door of your house or if a burglar had entered it through an open window. Therefore, you may have to pay part of the costs. It would be different if, for example, you had announced to everyone before your vacation that you were leaving for two weeks and that your house remained unattended (and that your lessor could prove it).



















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