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peephole installation

Security issues are of great interest to everyone today. An essential addition to steel doors, intercoms, and other precautionary measures is the use of several video eyes. But to give a reasonable result, it is necessary to choose the equipment carefully before installation and know a lot of useful information about it.

Peephole Installation in the door, it must be something essential in any entrance door, it is a crucial security element. If you do not have Peephole Installation at the entrance door of your house.


Step-By-Step To Install peepholes In The Door:

Install Peephole Steps 1- First, you need to measure the thickness of the door to get the right viewfinder. In the market, you will find a wide range of vision glasses of different sizes and thicknesses. It also exists in different colors so that you can choose the best model for the handle.

Install Step 2 PeepHole- Before making a hole with the diameter of the visible glass cylinder, use a thin wooden drill to make a guide hole. Therefore, make sure that the door is not chipped. When drilling, be sure to do so at the correct height.

Install Peephole Step 3- Next, replace the thin bit with one of the visor diameters to make a hole. This drill is made of metal because it makes it easier to sit in a small hole, and the accessory is comfortable to sit on. First, insert a bit on one side of the door and enter it on the other side without passing it completely. In this way, the hole is cleaned without debris.

Install Peephole Step 4- Now, we need to remove the two cylinders from the viewfinder, insert them into the hole, and reattach them. One detail that you should keep in mind in this procedure is that the lens should always be outside the door.

Install Peephole Step 5- In this easy way to install peepholes, we are winning in security, because we do not need to open the door blindly.

Video eyes are becoming increasingly popular, actively replacing standard door eyes. No wonder, it is no longer necessary to go to the door to see how people knock and knock at the house through Peephole Installation.

The Advantages Of Such Equipment Are:

  • Invisibility to unauthorized persons;
  • Low price (compared to video shooting full intercoms);
  • High resistance and excellent shooting resolution;
  • Video recording in low light conditions and total darkness;
  • The ability to connect video peepholes with video surveillance;
  • Ease of installation, so it is not even necessary to resort to specialists;
  • The ability to record live images on flashcards.

Types And Opportunities

  • Video surveillance is desirable to complement motion sensors and image recording media.
  • Only this format experts consider to ensure enough security.
  • Good video eyes have free capacity:
  • Record a video.
  • Take a picture of the visitor;
  • Fix the message you want to convey to the owners of the apartment;

Send a photo to the one specified in the configuration radio—generalized wireless video eyes, based on Wi-Fi technology. The undeniable advantage of them is the ability to observe the guests and communicate with them almost anywhere they are.

Almost any modern model is equipped with a default monitor; in most cases, it is fixed on the front door.

The GSM module can send messages to specific phone numbers and use mobile channels for phone calls. Part of the video peephole uses IP communication (over the Internet).

On the front, the digital peephole looks like a traditional peephole, but on the other side of the door consists of a whole system which allows us to have a more excellent range of visibility, HD monitor, take photos and video, night mode and more.

How Is It Different From The Traditional Peephole Installation?

The main difference between both types of sight glasses is technology. The digital peephole implements the use of the camera to show you on an HD monitor who is on the other side. At the moment the visitor rings the bell, a photo is automatically taken with time and date of arrival. And if you want, you can make the video manually.

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